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iPhone Wallet Case x RANCH (Black)

This item fuses together two things that anyone living in the modern world needs: a wallet and cell phone protective case. You can slip your iPhone into it, put a bit of cash inside, several credit cards, and then simply clutch it safe. Also, we foresaw the possibility to use the earplugs without taking your iPhone out. The protective case is made in a way so that the inner part of the buttons is covered by the layer of chamois-leather and doesn’t come into contact with the phone.

Handcrafted in Russia.
Basic materials: 100% wool felt, chrome-tanned leather.
iPhone 6 (6S, 7) — 158 х 184 (84*) mm / 6.22 x 7.24 (3.30*) in
iPhone 6 (6S, 7) Plus — 180 х 200 (96*) mm  / 7.08 x 7.87 (3.78*) in
* in closed position

Worldwide Postal Delivery —  6€ / 7$ / 390₽
Express Worldwide Delivery —  28€ / 31$ / 1790₽
Express Delivery in Russia — 8€ / 9$ / 490₽
Courier Delivery in Moscow — 6€ / 7$ / 390₽
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iPhone Wallet Case x RANCH (Black)
iPhone Wallet Case x RANCH (Black)
iPhone Wallet Case x RANCH (Black)

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