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Pencil Case x BRINE (Green)

This pencil case is made for those people who need to have as fewer writing utensils on them as possible. It has enough room for nine standard-sized pencils, but it’s completely up to you what you’re going to put there. The pencil case is safely closed with a clutch.

Handcrafted in Russia.
Basic materials: chrome-tanned leather, 100% wool felt.
Dimensions: 192 х 91 mm / 7.5 x 3.58 ft

Worldwide Postal Delivery —  6€ / 7$ / 390₽
Express Worldwide Delivery —  28€ / 31$ / 1790₽
Express Delivery in Russia — 8€ / 9$ / 490₽
Courier Delivery in Moscow — 6€ / 7$ / 390₽
Pick Up in Our Showroom — Free

Pencil Case x BRINE (Green)
Pencil Case x BRINE (Green)
Pencil Case x BRINE (Green)
Pencil Case x BRINE (Green)

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