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Terms of Use

We strongly recommend you to get familiar with the contents of this document. Your continued use of this website shall imply your acceptance of these Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy. Please leave this website if you do not accept the above mentioned documents.


These Terms of Use define the commercial and legal relationships between Handwers LLC (hereafter referred to as handwers, Company, we, and so on) and the customer (hereafter referred to as the Customer, Client, User, you, and so on) who uses online store (hereafter referred to as the Website) for purposes of making a purchase or receiving any product-related and company-related information.

We may make amendments in these Terms of Use without providing any prior notification to the Users. These Terms of Use shall be considered valid and efficient as of the viewing date. You can find the information about the date of publication of the latest amendments in these Terms of Use at the end of the document.

1. Content and Copyright, Trademark, and Related Issues

1.1. Handwers trademark and the contents of the online store including but not limited to the design elements of the Website, texts, product photographs, and images, which hereafter shall be referred to as the Content, as well as the logo of Handwers, which is a registered trade mark, are owned by Handwers LLC and are protected by the copyright law of the Russian Federation, Civil Code of the Russian Federation part 4. 

1.2. Usage of any of these materials without prior written approval of the Company, as well as making changes in these materials or using them only partially so as to presumably have the copyright over them, is strictly prohibited

2. Sales Conditions

2.1. By making a purchase at our online store you:

2.1.1. Confirm that you are overage at your birth country or that you are making the purchase upon consent and in the presence of either your parents or your official caretakers;

2.1.2. Guarantee to provide us with the valid data featuring your name and surname, email address, phone number, and shipping address that we will need in order to process and dispatch your order;

2.1.3. Agree that we will process your personal data and use them solely for the purposes of providing you with the requested services to the full extent and at the highest standards. You can get familiar with how we process your personal data here;

2.1.4. Agree that the order you make shall be accepted and meet the delivery conditions only as soon as one of our managers has confirmed that that the goods are in stock, available for production, or available for shipping;

2.1.5. Agree that following the confirmation of your order we shall continue to notify you about its status by email;

2.1.6. Agree that we provide delivery services via the Standard Delivery or using such companies as EMS, DPD, and DHL globally. If the delivery service offers free package tracking, we shall send you the package tracking number in two to four days following its dispatch;

2.1.7. Understand that in case of a failure to deliver the order on time or unavailability of the item in stock, we shall inform you about this and offer all possible solutions to this issue;

2.1.8. Understand that if an item is in PRE-ORDER, it means that currently the product is not in stock whilst the new batch is being made. If this is the case, you will be able to preorder it and shall be notified as soon as the item is back in stock, which may take from a couple of days up to several weeks. You can learn about approximate in-stock dates of the item you would like to purchase from our manager over phone, email, or online chat on the Website.

3. Purchase and Order Procedure

3.1. By accepting these Terms of Use and making a purchase at the Website you understand that:

3.1.1. All prices on the Website are final;

3.1.2. Retail price of the product does not include VAT and shipping costs;

3.1.3. We process orders on business days from 11AM until 7PM, GMT+3.

3.2. In order to make a purchase at the Website you must:

3.2.1. Add the product to the cart by clicking ADD TO CART button;

3.2.2. Doublecheck your selection as well as the product color and size and then pass on to the next step of the ordering process by clicking CHECKOUT button;

3.2.2. Follow simple instructions featured on the order form page;

3.2.3. Doublecheck the data you have entered in the order form;

3.2.4. Confirm that you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by checking the respective box and then click PLACE ORDER;

3.2.5. Follow the instructions that vary depending on the selected payment method;

3.2.6. Confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address you specified upon making the order. If you live in Moscow, Moscow region, Saint Petersburg, or Saint Petersburg region, you will also receive a call from one of our managers;

3.2.7. On the date of delivery you will receive a call from the delivery agent. You will be called irrespective of your residence city or country.

4. Shipping Conditions

4.1. We ship globally and offer a wide range of shipping services you can choose from:

4.1.1. Standard international shipping, 7 to 20 business days, $6;

4.1.2. Courier EMS or DPD shipping, 4 to 10 business days, from $15;

4.1.3. Expedited worldwide DHL shipping, 1 to 7 business days, from $35;

4.1.4. Courier delivery in Moscow, $7;

4.1.5. Courier nationwide shipping in Russia, 1 to 7 business days, $8;

4.1.6. Expedited EMS or DPD nationwide shipping, 2 to 10 business days, from $10.

4.2. Shipping is a standalone service that is provided by a third-party company and this is why the shipping costs are not included in the garment price and shall be always paid irrespective of whether you liked the product or not upon receiving it from the courier.

4.3. If the delivery service offers free package tracking services, we shall send you the package tracking number.

4.4. You understand and accept that orders shipped internationally may be subject to customs fees or any other fees, which you shall get familiar with beforehand by yourself.

4.5. The products are shipped in branded packaging from kraft paper or carton.

4.6. International shipping to remote or not easily accessible places may be subject to increases in the shipping costs and dates. If this is the case, we will let you know about it shortly.

4.7. If you weren’t satisfied with the shipping services you’ve been provided, please let us know about it and we will do everything in our power to avoid such issues in the future.

4.8. We strictly recommend you to get familiar with our Disclaimer statement in case of occurrence of any kind of a disputable situation.

5. Payment Conditions

5.1. Our accepted payment methods are as follows:

5.1.1. Online payments using PayPal and Yoomoney electronic payment systems;

5.1.2. Paying in cash directly to our courier or in our showroom;

5.1.3. Paying with Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards directly to our courier or in our showroom.

5.2. We do not process any payments at and do not store any payment information. Instead of it, the Customer will be redirected to a special payment form on PayPal or Yoomoney websites.

5.3. All payments are processed using a secured and encrypted connection via the payment systems that we use. You can learn more about the billing data security at the websites of these payment systems.

6. Return Policy

6.1. You have 180 days in order to return the product if you don’t like it and only if case if you have not used it.

6.2. Make sure that the product remains in the same conditions as on the delivery date and is neither damaged nor has any marks.

6.3. You shall be able to confirm that the product was purchased by you.

6.4. If you are sure about returning the product, simply let us know about it and we will email you further instructions.

6.5. The funds shall be credited to your bank account within 7 to 30 days following receipt of the product by us in case if it was paid for by wire. Refunds on orders paid via electronic money take 3 to 7 business days.

6.6. Price for the shipping services, which shall be considered completely fulfilled by us, shall be excluded from the refund amount.

7. Warranty Conditions

7.1. All products sold at the Website are made in Russia and conform to all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures.

7.2. In case if the product has some kind of a manufacturing defect, you shall be entitled to a 60-day warranty beginning the day when the product was delivered.

7.3. All our garments are handmade and you shall understand that every item is unique and therefore may have minor irregularities. Please let us know if you believe that it’s your case.

7.4. Neither the service nor shelf life of our goods is limited

8. Disclaimer

8.1. The color of the products on the Website may differ from their real color. All goods are photographed in bright daylight and post-processed further on, which may affect the color of the product on the screen and its real color. Apart from this, the differences in color may be due to the settings of your monitor.

8.2. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy when it comes to the color and handle of our products because we work only with high-quality leather that is treated externally in an insignificant way and therefore products from the same batch may have a different color or tint. This entirely depends on the peculiarities of the leather used upon manufacturing of this or that batch.

8.3. We shall not bear any responsibility for usage of our products for purposes other than intended or for a failure to comply with our Product Care conditions. The maximum acceptable weight that you may carry in our bags and backpacks is specified in the product description.

8.4. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the shipping or delivery times and shall not be responsible for lost packages. The Company shall not be held responsible for anything that happens after the dispatch of the product. If you have any issues with receipt of your order, please be sure to contact us.

8.5. We reserve the right to refuse any order if we discover that it is not real or has any kind of misleading features.

8.6. Prices for goods on the Website are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. The valid price is the one that is specified upon making the order.

8.7. We reserve the right to remove any kind of goods from the Website or edit any kind of materials in any section of the Website at any time without prior notice and at our own discretion.

8.8. We shall not be held responsible for functioning and content of third-party website links to which may or may not be located on the Website or possible damage that they may cause.

8.9. We shall not be held responsible for fees and/or commissions imposed by the payment systems. Please be sure to get familiar with such fees upon selection of the payment processing system.

8.10. We shall not be held responsible for the action of evildoers and scammers or for hacker attacks on the payment processing systems and websites of our partners.

8.11. We cannot guarantee the security of your personal information upon hacker attack on the Website.

8.12. We shall not be held responsible for a loss or usage of your gift card and/or promotional code by someone else.

8.13. We cannot guarantee the exact manufacturing time of the product.

9. Privacy Policy

Information that you provide upon using the Website is governed by our Privacy Policy that constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use, defining the conditions of usage of the Website.

10. Miscellaneous

We are always glad to receive your feedback and we would appreciate any information that may help us to keep improving the quality of our services. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products or services, or if you would like to opt out of processing of your personal information, please contact us. Also, we will be glad to receive any information that would make it possible for us to connect with raw material suppliers or partners.